Instant Valuation

This guide is to help you with instructions in the event of an emergency.

What Is Deemed As An Emergency?

No Heating – Depends on the time of year, deemed as an emergency if the office is closed for an extended period i.e. Christmas

No hot Water – deemed as an emergency if the office is closed for an extended period i.e. Christmas

No Power Supply – Yes if total loss of power in the property which does not extend to neighbours

Please ensure you check the following

  • The fuse board
  • Neighbouring properties
  • Your supplier to establish if there is a known fault

Gas Leak – Yes – Contact national grid on 0800 111 999

Carbon Monoxide Alert – Yes – Turn off all appliances, open windows and leave the premises

Fire – Yes – Emergency Number 999

No Water Supply – Yes if there is no running water at all - Check your supplier to establish if there is a known issue.

Plumbing leaks – Yes if it cannot be contained and is causing damage.

  • Turn off the water
  • Take extra care if the leak through or near any electrical fittings
  • Alert neighbours if water is leaking from their properties

Roof Leaks – Yes if the leak is causing major damage or is affecting an electrical fitting, if you live in a block of flats and directly above you is the roof, contact the block management company their details can normally be found on a display board in the communal area.

Gutters/Downpipes - no unless water is entering the building causing major damage or if hazardous to people or property.

Blocked Sink, Basin, Bath etc - No – tenants’ responsibility unless it can be proven that the blockage was not caused by you.

Blocked Toilet - Yes if there is only one toilet in the property, again tenant’s responsibility unless it can be proven that the blockage was not caused by you.

Drains – Yes if damage is being caused - again tenant’s responsibility unless it can be proven that the blockage was not caused by you.

Locks/Doors – Yes if you are unable to secure the property or have lost your keys - tenants responsibility unless it can be proven that the issue was not caused by you.

Broken Windows – Yes if you are unable to secure the property - tenants responsibility.

Boiler Breakdowns out of office hours

No hot water or heating- Notify the agency as soon as the issue is discovered and we will always work to get the issue resolved as soon as possible. You must make provisions to keep warm. For hot water you can use a kettle or your electric hob to boil water to fill up hot water bottles or fill baths.

An emergency Gas contractor must only be called out if your situation is Vital. Please note you will be liable for any costs incurred if the situation is not deemed to be an emergency.

Gas leak / Smell of Gas

If at any time you smell gas open all windows and leave the property immediately and contact Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999. Gas Emergency Services are a national company and will attend the property as soon as possible.

It is important to stay safe if gas is smelt so carry out the following:

  • Open windows and doors to ventilate the property.
  • Do not turn anything electrical on or off – including light switches.
  • Do not use naked flames i.e. matches, candles, mobile phones (inside) etc
  • Turn off the gas supply at the meter and wait for a qualified person to confirm it is safe to reinstate the supply.

Once the local Gas Emergency Service has attended please email us on with details of their findings.

Loss of Electric

If at any time you lose all electric and power in the property first of all check with neighbours if they also have a problem as it may be a power cut. If it appears to be a power cut call 105 and you will be able to report the fault or receive an update.

If it is just your property that is affected then contact our office on after carrying out the following; Check the fuse box; you may be able to reset the fuses. If the fuses keep tripping, unplug items such as irons, kettles and toasters as old/faulty appliances may be the cause . If you have eliminated your own personal items and are still experiencing problems.

Gas Appliances

It is a legal requirement that your landlord complies with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 and subsequent associated legislation. Your landlord must have ALL gas systems, appliances and flues tested and checked at least every 12 months by a Gas Safe registered engineer. These regulations do not apply to appliances owned by tenants.

You will be provided with a copy of the gas safety certificate by the Gas Safe engineer upon completion of the visit.

Lost Keys

We know how stressful it can be when you lose your keys, so if this happens, please call our office and where possible, we will do our best to assist you.

If a lock change is required as a result of lost keys, you as the tenants will be charged for the cost of the new lock and for all replacement keys. For properties in a block with communal entrance doors, you will also need to arrange a replacement key so that you can access your property and regrettably the communal door key of others in the same block.

Landlords will not accept liability for the loss of keys by a tenant.

Break-ins / Vandalism

We hope that you will never experience a break-in however, in the unfortunate event that this happens during your tenancy please do the following:

Firstly, report the incident to the police and be sure to obtain a crime reference number. It is important that the police are informed and a Crime Reference number obtained otherwise this may prevent you or your landlord from making an insurance claim.

Secondly, contact our office to advise us of what has happened.

Broken Glass and Windows

With anything dangerous like broken glass, please ensure that you report this to our office immediately. It is the responsibility of a tenant, to repair any windows or glazing broken at the property during the tenancy both internally and externally with like for like glass, however we can provide you with details of local contractors known to us to assist you with this.

Emergency Contacts

  • Gas Leak – - National Grid - 0800 111 999
  • Heating and Plumbing - 24/7 Heating and Plumbing – 07714670347
  • Electrical - Wired Online Ltd 01908 668432 Or DCMD Electrics – 07810551512
  • Drainage - Freeflow Drainage – 07928652013
  • Locks - Errington Locksmith – 07903953953

The above contacts are only to be used in emergencies only and outside of the office hours.

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm

Tenants must notify us as soon as an issue is apparent. For emergencies please follow the below steps and notify us upon the next working day.

If your maintenance issue isn’t any of the above then it would be deemed as General Repairs and Maintenance

In which case, please contact us immediately during office hours on 01908 698888 and advise us of the problem – This will then be needed to be followed up in an email or letter confirming what the issue is in writing together with any photographs to help explain the situation. Once we have spoken with the landlord, we will arrange for an approved contractor to investigate the issue.

In most circumstances where any work required is costly, it will be necessary for us to obtain more than one quotation from contractors. We will require your assistance during this time so that we can gain access for the quotations. If you would prefer to be present when a contractor visits, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange. Please be aware that should an appointment be arranged with a contractor and you are not at home, you may be charged their call out fee direct by them to pay for their time and travel.

Please note - If the issue is found to be the fault of you, as the tenant, you will be charged the call out and repair fee.